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Dec 31

The United Colours Of Shabby Chic Painting 2013


What a year it’s been for shabby chic painting. We’ve come across some fine pieces of furniture to paint this year. Some very different. And some in the usual guise…shabby chic chests of drawers, bookcases and bedside tables. What is different this year, however, is the range of colours that people are choosing for their […]

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Dec 17

Shabby Chic Success For Spruced-Up Bedside Table

Shabby Chic

Bedside tables and cabinets are the perfect candidates for the shabby chic treatment. Inevitably your typical British bedside table is of pine construction–with a raw, waxed or varnished finish. That’s the perfect recipe for shabby chic success. We can always remove waxed and varnished finishes easily, with sanding, white spirit and proprietary treatments. Once it’s […]

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Nov 01

Shabby Chic Painted Drop-Leaf Table Fit To Sail

Shabby Chic

When it comes to a demanding environment for your furniture it doesn’t come much more demanding than a houseboat. The combination of rather narrow living space and limited head room means that boat furniture has to be really fit for purpose to survive. Quite a challenge for a shabby chic painted project. This small drop-leaf table […]

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