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Do you want to give your home a new style, a new look perhaps? Then don't forget that you can always hand paint your furniture. Because when you hand paint your old furniture you can adopt a wholly new look to your home. Quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Plus, your new-painted furniture will fit your home as well as it always did.

Hand paint your furniture

Hand Paint Your Furniture

Large chest of drawers

Large Chest Of Drawers

The Hand Painted Chest Of Drawers

Take this very large 6-drawer chest of drawers that we were asked to hand paint.

Yes, it really was as big as it looks. Just perfect for modern living with loads of storage space. Of course, it was also well-built with solid materials and some excellent craftsmanship.

Its makers had also added some decorative flourishes on each drawer front. These looked particularly striking once we painted them.

Hand Painted Furniture Process: Step 1

We sanded this chest of drawers and removed all the wax coating. We can't paint furniture that's coated in wax, so getting rid of it is especially key. 

Hand Painted Furniture Process: Step 2

Then we applied a  primer to seal the raw wood before we followed that with a water-based undercoat. And then, finally, we applied several coats of the Johnstone's paint mix in a Farrow and Ball colour (White Tie). 

Hand Painted Furniture Process: Step 3

Last of all we fitted new crystal handles to the drawer fronts, having filled the earlier handle holes. Certainly the combination of new handles and a fresh coat of paint made a huge difference to this piece of furniture. We can always fit new handles to your furniture when we paint. Our only advice is that you choose solid door or drawer furniture that's equal to the task! Shop4handles in Ascot has a good selection of handles and also offers sound, practical advice. . 

As an example of hand-painted furniture this large chest of drawers is perfect. And it certainly made an equally large impact on the re-painted bedroom into which we delivered it. Over all a great project.

We can always hand paint your furniture when you're ready for a fresh new design look in your home, So, when you feel that you would like us to paint your furniture, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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