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When you are planning your next bedroom design makeover, you might not consider a limed look shabby chic effect for your furniture. But that might be a mistake. Because it's a very chic look and, it's also pretty simple to achieve, with some very attractive finishes.

Limed look for shabby chic

A Limed Look Shabby Chic Effect For Your Furniture

Of course, to get any new look you have to get the basics right. And for the limed look shabby chic effect you really do need some unadulterated pine furniture. That's pine furniture reasonably free of stain, paint, varnish and polish. Now, we can go to great lengths to remove many of these inconveniences. But, there's some furniture that really is too difficult: moulded reveals, intricate carvings and designs.

Because what we aim to do with the furniture is this:

Limed Look Shabby Chic Effect


We sand the furniture down to the bare wood, removing blemishes and imperfections. 


Once we have a good clean working surface we apply, by brush, a solution of chalk paint. With this furniture we used a one part paint to 10 parts water mix. And the paint? Annie Sloan's Old White proves perfect for the job.


Of course the sheer wateriness of the paint solution means that we can't have any varnish or wax on the painting surface. Because it won't stick fast. So, it really has to be totally clear of other protective or decorative finishes. Once we have one coat dried on, we typically apply a second coat using the same mix.


And, when the two water paint layers are fully dried we then brush in some Annie Sloan wax. That sets the finish really well. And, then when it's hardened, we buff the wax to a good polish.

Thus, the net effect is a a very pale white limed imprint over the surface of the pine. It manages to mute the natural yellows and oranges of your pine furniture and gives it an aged driftwood appearance. In reality, of course, this furniture looked brand new once we'd sanded it down. Yet the liming process adds character and age back into the furniture.

All in all, it's an excellent way to achieve a dramatic yet stylish limed look shabby-chic effect for bedroom furniture, perhaps?

So, when you have a shabby-chic project or any furniture painting project, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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