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With all this warm weather it's a good time to plan a new look for your older pieces of furniture. That's because the longer days and clement weather are invaluable for painting both outside and in. Meaning, of course, that we can turn-around your painting projects and paint your furniture that little bit more quickly.

Paint your furniture

Paint Your Furniture This Year

Last year we painted so many dining tables and their respective chairs throughout the summer. So many in fact that we wondered whether the government's earlier restrictions had turned us into dinner party at home types. Maybe.

Paint Your Furniture This Summer

This year we are still painting tables but also a wider range of individual pieces such as cabinets, wardrobes, bedroom chests of drawers and sideboards. Most of the furniture that we are working with this year is pine or beech. And that certainly reflects our British furniture-making history. But we have also seen plenty of oak furniture and also tropical hard woods from Indonesia. The latter are incredibly heavy, yet they do take modern paints very well indeed.

This old rocking chair survived for many years in its pristine natural beech state. It was very handsome and in good condition, protected by a wax coating. However it's now the focus of attention in a re-styled home with a contrasting cushion. Perfect.

The Furniture Painting Process



First, we gave the rocking chair a good wash down with methylated spirits to remove all the old wax. Afterwards we sanded the entire chair all over with two grades of sandpaper.



Second we applied a water-based primer from Johnstones and followed with an undercoat. Typically in fine weather we can get both of these coats applied in one day.



Finally we painted the eggshell water-based topcoat. The chair took three coats. We didn't shabby the finished piece. So our last effort was a good inspection before delivery back to its home.

Of course we can paint just about any item of furniture that you require. Really our only consideration is that we can remove it safely to our workshop in West End for its treatment. To date we've yet to be beaten for size or weight. But we have declined one or two heavily glassed pieces of furniture that we felt nervous about moving! So, when you feel that you would like us to paint your furniture this year, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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