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Perhaps it's your old bathroom furniture or perhaps a combination of pieces from several rooms or time periods. But a good coat of paint will always unify as these painted furniture before and after pictures show.

Painted furniture before and after

Painted Furniture: Before and After

So a drinks table, a chair and a towel rail suddenly appear as a complete set. Of course that's part of the appeal of painting your own furniture. Your choice of paint plus your choice of finish means that disparate pieces suddenly form a complete set. They could even look straight from the maker or you could distress them a bit. And the before and after really is a sudden contrast.

These pieces were bound for a large bathroom with a paint choice to match the newly-emulsion painted walls. It's a good look that suits the new bathroom location.

However, before we painted them they really weren't a set at all. Yes, the chairs were certainly a pair. But the towel rail and drinks table were from entirely different rooms. Yet their paint treatment worked to fit them all in their new bathroom location.

Painted Furniture. The Before and After

Painted furniture: before
Painted furniture: after

It's a neat trick that's both stylish and attractive. So, congratulations to our customer for thinking it through.

When you're ready to consider a painted furniture before and after treatment, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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