The Ultimate Guide to Painting Your Own Furniture

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When you're set on painting your own furniture you have two immediate choices. Paint it yourself, or ask someone else to paint it. To help you do it yourself, we listed 20 top tips to get the most from your next furniture painting project in our previous post.

Ultimate guide to painting your own furniture

How to Quickly and Easily Paint Your Own Furniture

However, beyond the mechanics of actually painting your own furniture, there are a few other points to consider before you start on your project. So, in this ultimate guide to how to paint your own furniture we'll steer through most of the practicalities.

Painting Your Own Furniture: Points to Note

The right sized space, all-important dust extraction and the right drying conditions are all essential when you intend to paint your furniture..

Guide for furniture painting

SPACE for painting your own furniture

You'll need to ensure you have the space you need to prepare your furniture before you actually sand and paint your new project. One observation that we always make is the space we give up to painting drawers. That's probably because of all the sides we have to paint on the drawers.

Dust extraction for sanding

Dust extraction

How are you organised for dust extraction when you sand your furniture? Perhaps you can use a garage, the front driveway or the back garden to sand cleanly. Sanding outside is no problem when it's dry, although windy days are occasionally an issue too. But wet paint and dust don't make good mates, so dust is always something you'll want to avoid.

Drying space

paint drying

Do you also have good conditions for paint to dry? You'll need a good regular temperature, not too hot in the summer and above 10 degrees in the winter months. You'll also need to consider air flow which also improves drying times and atmospheric humidity. At the very least some open windows will always help you out. Open doorways however, often attract too much of an airflow.

Painting Your Own Furniture Guide

Understandably your lighting choices will be key to a good painted furniture look. And, if you're painting your own furniture at home you'll need to pay special attention to floor protection. And of course, if you intend to spray paint, then the challenge of protection and masking are very important.

Effective portable light


How is the lighting in the garage or your work area? It's particularly important for large, heavy furniture that you can't move readily. That's because shadows can readily obscure your painting–leading to missed patches or streaks. So, to mitigate you'll need to invest in more light sources or move your furniture. We use portable lights and also small furniture dollies with which we move the furniture.

floor covering when painting

floor covering

You'll definitely need a decent floor covering and floor protector. In our workshop we use recycled carpets and floor protectors from Travis Perkins. Of course it's always easier to move furniture on a hard surface, but solid wood floors are expensive!

Spray tent

spray painting your own furniture

Spray painting your own furniture will always give good results with the right kit. But, you're likely to need either a spray booth or a spray tent. Additionally, you will need powerful lighting in the spray area and an over-spray extraction system. Since you don't want any interference between the spraying area and your main furniture painting site.

Here in West End we're fortunate enough to have both the space and the facilities for us to paint your furniture.

Yes, painting your own furniture is very possible, but we can also paint your furniture for you quickly, easily and with expertise.

We Can Paint Your Furniture

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