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Summer is here at last and so is the chance to make great use of our gardens and other outside space. But if you sense that some of your garden furniture is looking a bit worse for wear, then perhaps we can help. That's because this could well be the time to ask us to paint your old bench this year

Paint your old bench this year

We Can Paint Your Old Bench This Year

Yes, we can paint your old bench any colour you might want to suit your new garden design. Or, if you want to retain the former teak character, then we can always rejuvenate with a good sand, repair and teak oil treatment. That's a relatively quick process with two or three coats of teak oil.

Paint Your Old Bench With a Bedec Barn Paint

Our preferred paint, if you want us to paint your old bench, is a Bedec barn paint. They have a range of colours that should prove suitable for your outside space. Country Cream, Woodland Green and Eucalyptus are all popular choices. But the darker shades, such as Forest Green, Battleship Grey and Dark Green are also very suitable for contemporary outdoor living.

Why Bedec barn paint? Well, it's tough and resilient for one. And that's probably the major consideration for outdoor use. In fact we believe it's the most durable outdoor paint that we've ever used. It's also a water-based paint that's easy to work with and sands down well between coats. It's a recommend that we're very happy to paint with.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch when you feel it's time to paint your old garden bench this year.

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