Shabby Chic Painting For Dining Room Furniture

Your dining room furniture, tables, chairs, sideboards and dressers, can all benefit from a shabby chic painting treatment.

Shabby chic painting for dining room furniture

Shabby Chic Painting for Dining Room Furniture

Tables and chairs are all popular items for the hand-painted shabby chic treatment. Some people choose for their tables and chairs to be fully painted.

Others choose a half paint and half natural wood look. Both work well.

Pine dressers also look particularly good when painted, distressed and waxed in the shabby chic style.

Dressers and sideboards can all accommodate a white paint appearance but equally can look stunning in green or blue tints.

And just like the dining room tables, the dressers and sideboards also look good with a half-painted shabby chic look.

The shabby chic look remains hard wearing and durable. We finish all our shabby chic painting jobs with a proprietary polish in either a neutral or coloured effect.

An occasional wipe down with a cloth or a quick polish with a proprietary spray polish will keep your re-conditioned furniture looking pristine.

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