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With our focus on hand-painted furniture, we don't spray paint furniture for all our customers as a matter of course. Since we prefer to use an appropriate brush, roller or sprayer for the job in question. So we tend to use Purdy brushes for our paintwork. And we use mohair ultra-fine mini rollers for large expanses such as doors or table tops. Then we use our Wagner paint sprayer for smaller items such as chairs, coffee tables, small book shelves or standard lamps. These are ideal for furniture spray painting because they're easy to move, they typically don't take masking and we paint them on all sides.

Spray painted furniture

Spray Painting Furniture

In comparison a chest of drawers with its empty spaces takes a huge amount of masking if we are to use spray paint. So we typically don't. Instead we use brushes and mohair rollers for those pieces. However, we will spray paint a wardrobe, a large bookcase or even a Welsh dresser where the cavernous build is suited to a spray method. So many decisions…!

Sprayed finish
Spray painted kitchen table

Spray Painted Kitchen Table

Spray Painting Tables

This 'butchers block' style of kitchen table was an ideal piece for furniture spraying because we needed paint on all the available faces. Finally we replaced the wooden top with its new coat of varnish.

Spray painted standard lamp

Spray Painted Standard Lamp

Standard Lamp Spraying

You can pick up this type of standard lamp at so many second hand furniture shops. Typically you might change the flex or the light fitting. But you can also ask us to spray paint it and really transform its appearance..

Spray painted chairs

Spray Painted Chairs

Sprayed Chairs

We spray painted these chairs for a furniture dealer before he packed them up and had them shipped abroad for his client. Another great furniture spray painting job.

Furniture Spray Painting

We don't spray paint all the painted furniture that we work on. But typically we'll look at any piece of furniture and consider if it meets any if not all of these requirements.

  • Will it benefit from a sprayed finish?
  • Is it easy to move?
  • Does it need much masking?
  • Will it require a 360 degree paint finish?
  • Are there "fiddly" or inaccessible areas that need painting?

And if it does so, we'll start the spray painting process.

So, when you're ready for some furniture spray painting in your own re-styled home, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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