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You know how it is. You bought your furniture a long time ago. It fits your home and things fit it. But somehow its look and feel hasn’t kept up with your decor over time. That could be a problem if it meant replacing all your furniture. Apart from the price tag you don’t have the guarantee that your replacement furniture would fit your home or your things would fit your furniture. So, why not hand-paint your furniture?

Shabby chic makeover

A Shabby-Chic Makeover For Your Furniture

When you choose to shabby chic makeover your furniture it’s all different. You get to give your furniture–that’s served you well–a new lease of life. You can choose a shabby chic paint colour that fits with your decoration scheme, on a room to room basis. And you can choose the finish…clear wax or coloured wax. And, what's more, the before and after appearance is incredible.

When you shabby chic your furniture you get to make the most of the furniture you love. Effectively you re-design your furniture.

What’s Involved When We Give Your Furniture a Shabby Chic Makeover?

When you choose to have your furniture treated with the shabby chic process, we arrange to:

  • Collect your furniture
  • Remove wax, sand and prepare a painting surface
  • Make good any structural weaknesses or blemishes
  • Apply two coats of primer undercoat
  • Apply at least two coats of eggshell finish top coat
  • Give your furniture a shabby finish...if that's the effect you want
  • Polish your furniture with either a clear or a coloured wax...if you've asked for the shabby-chic finish
  • Deliver your furniture home and re-install in situ

Whether your furniture is pine, beech, oak or hardwood it can all benefit from the shabby chic process. Typically we aim to offer a two week time-scale for all this, but can return your furniture more quickly when that’s needed.

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