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How often do you take a covetous peek at all those articles in your style magazines? Those ones with all the most luxurious homes, perfect fixtures, fittings and design schemes? Well, fear not. Because everyone does that. And importantly there really are some simple steps that we can all take to make things more design friendly. Now clearly our emphasis is on furniture and furniture painting. But we're well-placed to help you re-design your furniture.

Redesign your furniture

It's Time to Re-design Your Furniture

But with more than ten years experience we are typically asked to get involved once you've already committed to a re-decoration or new carpets or curtains! Since that's when our customers notice how their brown furniture no longer works with their subtle shades of grey or pale pastels.

However, importantly, we really can help.

Since a subtle or not so subtle change of colour or texture really is possible. It's what we do.

Furniture Re-design: What We Do

Step 1

We collect your furniture in Surrey or North Hampshire when you're ready to re-design your furniture

Step 2

We sand your furniture and make any necessary little gluing type repairs. Then we prime and undercoat with a paint that's able to hide  marks, stains and wood knots.

Step 3

Then we paint your furniture with your choice of decorative paint colour. Normally we like to use either a Dulux or a Johnstones eggshell paint. But we also use Little Green, Crown and Valspar among others.

Step 4

If you want us to varnish a worktop, for a table or sideboard, then we do that with all the painting completed. The two-tone look is very popular right now.

Step 5

Finally we return your redesigned furniture in its new colour scheme all set for a new lease of life.

So, when it's time for you to redesign your furniture all ready for your home makeover, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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I'm the main shabby chic furniture painter at Surrey Heath-based business Shabby Chic Surrey. I can paint a whole range of furniture with a variety of paints and finishes.

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