Shabby Chic Success For Spruced-Up Bedside Table

By Andrew | Shabby Chic

Dec 17

Bedside tables and cabinets are the perfect candidates for the shabby chic treatment. Inevitably your typical British bedside table is of pine construction–with a raw, waxed or varnished finish. That’s the perfect recipe for shabby chic success.

Shabby chic success pending

Bedside Table waits For Its Shabby Chic Treatment

We can always remove waxed and varnished finishes easily, with sanding, white spirit and proprietary treatments.

Once it’s removed the surface is set for its coats of primer and undercoat paint.

We recently worked on such a bedside table–a three drawer pine unit with turned feet. A fairly typical piece.

We removed the varnish by sanding. Mechanical sanding for the flat surfaces and hand sanding for the moulded edges, drawer fronts and handles.

The picture above gives a view of the drawer fronts after sanding. The rest of the varnished bedside cabinet waits its turn.

Shabby Chic Success For Table

We then treated the bedside table to coats of primer and undercoat before applying several coats of white eggshell paint. We often use a Farrow and Ball paint. But on this occasion we used a Johnstones paint. An alternative shabby chic treatment might have involved Pointing, which is always popular.

Shabby-chic success

Bedside Table After Its Shabby Chic Paint Success Story

Afterwards, we finished the treatment with a shabby-chic sand finish, and then followed with a neutral wax coating.

The change in appearance is striking. From looking relatively mundane this little bedside table (on the right) is now fit for purpose once again, ready for its re-decorated new home.

We can work on similar pieces, bedside tables with open lockers, with hinged doors or a combination of drawers, open lockers and doors. The results will be stunning. Shabby chic success.

When you have a furniture project that’s crying out for a bit of shabby chic success, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss.


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