Shabby Chic Finish Gives Pine Dresser a Totally New Look

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Pine dressers used to be all the rage. In fact they probably still are. But increasingly the pine look in our living rooms or kitchens is becoming a bit tired…and a shabby chic finish is needed to achieve the right look in our modern homes. In most cases it's because of the predominant brown or yellow colours which contrast with the grey and cream emulsion palettes that are popular now.

Pine furniture 2022

A New Look For Pine Furniture

This dresser was rather drab looking in its previous life.  It wasn’t that old, featuring a standard pine with a wax finish. Additionally it was highlighted with brass fittings to the pair of drawers and doors. Inter-panelled shelves gave the dresser its characteristic look. This is very common with old pine Welsh dressers and increasingly among new oak Welsh dressers.

Shabby Chic Finish Essentials

List of Steps

step 1


We’ve given this dresser a good sand down and fixed one or two blemishes where the wood panels had come astray. To start off the painting process we gave it a primer and undercoat with Johnstones paint 

step 2

Decorative Paint

We then applied two or three layers of eggshell finish top coat. The eggshell finish has a lower sheen level than a satin wood finish and is always popular.

step 3

Shabby Chic

Then we gave the dresser a good “shabbification”! The all-important shabby-chic finish. To achieve this effect, we sand the edges and prominent features of the furniture, This dresser benefited from quite a rough shabby treatment, but you can choose how severe or gentle an effect you’d like for your furniture. We’ve certainly noticed how the cleaner, less shabby look is more in fashion right now. This pair of dressers reflect that trend.

step 4


The last thing we did was to coat the dresser with a coloured wax before giving it a good polish. In this case we used an Annie Sloan brown wax.

This certainly proved a worthwhile project and the dresser now has pride of place in its new home. When you want to know more, you can call us on 07766 225329 or email us.

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