Shabby Chic Painted Drop-Leaf Table Fit To Sail

By Andrew | Shabby Chic

Nov 01

When it comes to a demanding environment for your furniture it doesn’t come much more demanding than a houseboat. The combination of rather narrow living space and limited head room means that boat furniture has to be really fit for purpose to survive. Quite a challenge for a shabby chic painted project.

This small drop-leaf table is a case in point. It’s usually found in the limited confines of a local houseboat where it has pride of place. It’s certainly small in height, width and depth. But, its on-board utility is accentuated by its drop-leaf wings, that fold up for a greater surface area. Also, you can’t ignore its drawer space (in the picture the leaves are temporarily located on the table surface).

Shabby chic painted table

Shabby Chic Painted Drop Leaf Table

Shabby Chic Painted Process

To achieve this look we removed all the earlier varnish from the table top before thoroughly sanding and using NitromorsTM varnish remover for the stubborn bits.

We then applied several generous coats of wax before polishing to a sheen. This resulted in the clean wooden finish that’s proved popular recently with a number of shabby chic furniture commissions.

With the table frame, legs and drawer we applied a Farrow & Ball eggshell paint before two coats of wax to finish. The colour chosen for the shabby-chic look was kept purposely pale and cream to fit with other furniture on the houseboat. Definitely one of the shabby chic colours of 2012. Of course, we expected something a bit more outlandish, vibrant reds or greens. But, it seems that those hues are for the boat’s hull or cabin structure and not the living quarters! So, now we know.

This was a pretty piece of furniture that should more than hold its own in its houseboat home.

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