Your Old Furniture Problem: How You Can Solve It

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Are you struggling with an old furniture problem? Yes, it does the job you ask of it. It's just the right size and shape, but it's the wrong colour for your new decorative look. And that really is a problem when you also factor in the replacement costs of new for old.

The problem with old furniture

The Problem of What to Do with Your Old Furniture

Plus, will new furniture even meet your needs for storage space, let alone durability and sturdiness? And, unfortunately, most new furniture also comes in a very limited range of colours and finishes...albeit the styles are never-ending. Yellows, browns and whites are everywhere. And the choice of a painted finish is limited to shades of white, grey or pale blue.

Old Furniture Versus New

Keep your old furniture or buy new pieces?


  • Your old furniture fits your rooms.
  • You've got the storage space you need.
  • Many of your furniture pieces have sentimental value.
  • Your furniture is solid and sturdy and won't fall apart when you move it.


  • You're likely to incur quite a cost with large-scale furniture purchases.
  • Will the new furniture suit your home?
  • Has the new furniture really got the storage capacity you need?
  • New furniture colour can be a bit similar.

The Challenge

Just on these limited points, when you keep your old furniture you're probably better off financially. Yet, you still have the challenge of the colour scheme in your new house. Neutral or cream walls and oatmeal carpets or solid flooring don't always work with old brown furniture.

The Problem

Old furniture, typically strong and durable is also typically brown. Sometimes that brown look is also beginning to show its age.

But what to do?

The Solution

You can always paint your old furniture and solve your old furniture problem.

Because when you paint your furniture you can keep everything you really do love about the size, shape and sturdiness of your furniture.

But you can also change everything you don't really like. The colour, shade or finish, perhaps. Since you can adapt all of these, with Dulux or Johnstone's paints, to your own needs.

20 Tips for Your Next Furniture Painting Project

All the tips and hints you'll need!

Furniture paints step 2

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