Preparing to Paint is Secret to a Great Painted Furniture Finish

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When we're preparing to paint your furniture we always have our eye on the finished look that you want. For example, if we filled every hole on a piece of furniture that's about to be limed or varnished, then it might not look terribly authentic. But that same piece of furniture, with all the marks of its earlier life filled, will look fantastic when fully painted. Clean, tidy and looking like new. So, our first step is appraisal.

Preparing to paint furniture

Preparing to Paint and the Finished Table

Preparing to Paint: What We Do

Drinks cabinet ready for painting

Getting Your Furniture Ready

Once we've appraised your furniture we'll remove door/ drawer handles and hinges wherever possible. If we're defeated by an ancient hinge then we'll mask it fully. But we do prefer to remove all the clutter ready for sanding.

Organised for painting

Sanding Your Furniture

We sand with machine tools and by hand. Typically an 80 grit paper works best to prepare a surface for paint. However we'll use a gentler abrasive for delicate surfaces.

Drawers and cupboard doors need attention. That's because a few layers of paint (primer, undercoat and two or three coats of Dulux decorative paint) can close the gap around their edges…so they don't close readily. Where they're already a bit tight we'll give them an extra sand.

Ready to paint

Filling and Caulking

Most pieces of furniture have some marks of wear and tear. But you might not notice them on brown furniture. However, you really will notice them if we paint your furniture with a light colour. So that's why we'll fill holes and caulk gaps in your furniture. Of course if we reckon that the gaps and holes add to the "shabby chic" look, then we'll leave them well alone! It all comes down to the desired look. Clean and tidy versus "shabby chic". 

We've discovered that getting prepared to paint is everything when you want fine looking painted, shabby or limed furniture. So that's what we'll do with the pieces we look after. And when you're ready to achieve a transformation with your furniture then we're ready to help. Please don't hesitate to get in touch when the time is right.

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