Painted Monks Bench Gets into the Shabby Chic Habit

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We've painted several Monks (or Monk's) benches over the years. And that painting record certainly confirms their popularity as a valued item of furniture in the modern home. And This painted monks bench was certainly a popular part of the family home.

However, it was certainly on the large side and took a considerable amount of paint. Most of the others that we've painted have been single seaters at best.
Painted monks bench

Painted Monk's Bench Gets The Shabby Habit

When you need an item of furniture painted or given the shabby chic treatment, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

We rarely paint the inside of monks benches, or blanket boxes for that matter.

That's because they're often used to store things such as wellington boots or children's toys. And they're all capable of marking the painted surfaces

But, on occasions we do break that painting habit and paint inside these superb storage units. We've painted one inside a brilliant white this year and also completed a "limed look" with another small toy box.

Painted Monks Bench Finished With An Eggshell Paint

This monks bench was finished with Farrow & Ball's Strong White in a Johnstone's eggshell paint mix. Why do we now use such a combination? It's because the Johnstone's (or Dulux) paint offers a very durable finish and we had problems sanding Farrow & Ball paint coats after they changed their paint formula a few years ago. That was a shame, but we can't leave a coat of paint for several days or weeks before we can sand it and apply a second or third coat! Our customers want their furniture back!

All in all. you'd be hard pushed to find a better example of how you can "up-cycle" your old furniture for a new look to your home. The perfect painted monks bench.

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